Waterjet Cutting Services

At AMS Waterjet Profiling we specialise in waterjet cutting and have over 25 years’ experience. We have the knowledge, expertise, equipment and resources to produce your project, no matter how big, small, complex or intricate. Our advanced Omax Waterjet Cutting Equipment, twinned with our skilled team enable us to offer an accurate, fast, affordable service.

Waterjet cutting is a flexible and precise cutting method and the process allows you to cut almost any material. We have the ability to cut taper free parts, angles from 0° to 60°, even complex shapes in tube and pipe - it is so versatile there are no limitations. If you can imagine a design and draw it, we can cut it and turn it into a reality.

Regularly working with industries including automotive, aerospace, architectural and medical – AMS boasts over 25 years’ experience servicing local and regional customers using our advanced OMAX technology, enabling us to achieve the most efficient and precise Waterjet machining.

From Precision Engineering, Stone & Tile cutting to Architectural Profiling, AMS guarantees a high performance, cost effective, and environmentally friendly water jet cutting service.

Contact our helpful staff who are skilled in the art of waterjet cutting, they will be able to give you the best advice as well as competitive prices. Our advanced waterjet software incorporates algorithms for the FASTEST cutting, LOWEST cost and most ACCURATE parts. We offer a fast turnaround service and operate to ISO9001:2015 quality standard.


Flexible & versatile cost effective profiling


Can cut any material up to 200mm


Produce accurate, taper free finished parts


Create intricate designs in complex materials


Latest & most innovative Waterjet technology


Sacrificial Waterjet cutting surface

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