The patent-pending A-Jet® is a complete software-controlled, multi-axis accessory that features the flexibility to automatically compensate for taper, as well as cut severe angles up to 60° off vertical. The A-Jet cuts countersunk holes and precision shapes with beveled edges at angles specified by the user. The accessory supplies additional axes of motion, allowing the operator to fabricate and shape metal edges for weld preparation. The dynamic A-Jet is capable of a high level of positioning accuracy, resulting in parts that need no secondary finishing.


  • Cutting angle ranges from 0° to 60°
  • Three modes of taper compensation
  • Supplied with a MAXJET® 5i Nozzle, which includes an OMAX High Angle Fusible Mixing Tube
  • Designed for high flow/high power abrasive waterjet applications with multiple pumps by using large diameter tubing with minimal pressure loss
  • Features a fixed focal point design, where the XYZ axes do not need to move as the head tilts


  • Eliminates secondary machining and grinding for fabrication processes, ideal for common welding projects
  • Easily creates countersinks and weld-ready edges
  • Precision angular motion can create unique 3D parts
  • Fully automatic taper compensation to minimise taper on finished parts
  • OMAX-unique High Angle Fusible Mixing Tube protects precision mechanism

3D Functionality

With the A-Jet, 3D parts are now possible on an abrasive waterjet. The continuous precision 5-axis movement of the A-Jet cutting head allows for detailed 3D shapes to be cut from a wide variety of materials. With the combination of the A-Jet and the optional Rotary Axis, the OMAX JetMachining Center becomes even more versatile, allowing for complex and challenging 3D shapes to be cut, such as beveled pipe fittings.