At AMS Waterjet we use OMAX Jetmachining Centres which enable us to produce the most cost effective yet highest quality precision engineered parts.

High-pressure waterjet machining complements other cutting technologies including EDM and laser and our JetMachining Centres enable us to provide an efficient, accurate, flexible and fast cutting service.

There are many advantages of using precision waterjet cutting technology:

  • AMS Waterjet provides a cold cutting / stress free process – which means no melting, hardening, changing of properties or heat distortion of the material
  • The process can remove many challenges normally associated with conventional machining and many industry sectors are now realising the cost and time advantages


  • Part Accuracy – with the use of 5 axis capability, AMS regularly produces parts to 0.05mm without taper
  • Waterjet cutting is rarely limited by the thickness of a material and has the ability to cut to 200mm
  • Waterjet machining technology offers better tolerances on parts thicker than 0.5″ (12 mm) – significantly more than laser manufacturing


  • Waterjet cutting is an environmentally friendly technology and produces no hazardous waste
  • The machines use very little water and the water that is used is recycled using a closed-looped system
  • Abrasive jets use garnet as the abrasive material which is a biologically inert, non-reactive mineral
  • Waterjets eliminate dust particles, smoke, fumes, and contaminates

“High end design and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive.” Organic Architect, Eric Corey Freed