An important benefit of using water jet cutting is the elimination of thermal stress upon the structure of the material being processed. We are specialists in subcontract water jet cutting and can work with free issue material or provide a full supply service.

This cold-cutting operation is ideal for cutting metals as it prevents the hardening or warping that often occurs during conventional cutting processes. Aquajet uses OMAX abrasive water jet cutting technology to accurately profile simple to complex shapes in virtually any metal.

Minimising the effect of heat enables us to cut metals quickly and easily as detailed below.

Aluminium Cutting

At AMS, Aluminium is a metal we cut most frequently. Aluminium cuts quickly and cleanly without any thermal distortion. Grades cut include 5083, 6082 and Mic 6 tooling plate.

Titanium Cutting

Because titanium is expensive, considerable cost savings can be obtained by the close nesting of parts that is possible with the abrasive jet process in order to reduce waste material.

Copper Cutting

AMS Waterjet can cut all grades of copper quickly and cleanly. The reflectivity that may be an issue for lasers is not a problem for an abrasive jet and there is no problem with “gumming” as might occur with conventional mechanical cutting systems.

Brass Cutting

As with copper profiling, Brass alloys cut quickly and cleanly on our OMAX machine.

Alloys cut include CZ106; CZ108: CZ112; CZ114: CZ121: CZ130 and CZ131.

Carbon Steel and Mild Steel Cutting

Our certified engineers will cut all grades of steel, producing a smooth cut on the edge without burn marks, cracking, excess burr, or other problems associated with heat-based machining. We often cut Zintec, cromweld and galvenised steel.

Stainless Steel Cutting

We are easily able to cut all grades of stainless steel. The lack of any heat affected zone makes the abrasive water jet process particularly attractive to the automative and aerospace industries. Common grades cut are Duplex, 304, 304L, 316 and 316L, with surface finishes ranging from 2B, DP1 (brushed polished) and mirror polished.

Bronze Cutting

The clean cutting process is ideal for cutting bronze and bronze alloys including phosphor bronze.

Hardened Tool Steel

Tool steel can be cut in a fully hardened state without any change in material properties.

Steel Alloys of All Types

Our OMAX JetMachining Centre is able to process difficult/special steel alloys, such as Hardox, Inconel® and Hastelloy®.

Water jet machining technology has a clear advance when cutting metal as polished or reflective surfaces do not negatively affect the abrasive jet process as they might with laser cutting technology.