AMS Waterjet is a long established and highly innovative business offering Waterjet cutting services to a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, defence, nuclear and off-shore. Utilising the most advanced jet machining technology together with a highly skilled professional team, AMS Waterjet offers a diverse range of sub contract profiling and guarantees perfect precision engineering.

Our OMAX machines and Intelli-MAX® software enables us to provide the most cost effective yet highest quality parts.

From prototypes to high quantity production (1-1000 parts), AMS Waterjet provides an efficient and professional waterjet cutting service.

  • AMS Waterjet gives you the ability to quickly go from CAD drawing to finished part
  • Our Intelli-Max software uses advanced algorithms for the FASTEST cutting, LOWEST cost and most ACCURATE parts
  • AMS Waterjet provides high quality, accurate parts which reduce the need for secondary operations
  • The cold-cutting and stress free process manufactures a variety of materials including metal, composites, stone, tile and granite
  • NozzleJets – Standard to MicroJet capability – for delicate materials and intricate profiling