AMS Waterjet is a quality focused company delivering J.I.T components to industry.

Our unique market position coupled with our state of the art manufacturing technology allows us to go from prototype to volume part production quickly and accurately.

Our OMAX Jet Machining Centres

Using this latest OMAX technology – XY tables and computer software, AMS can cut within a tolerance of +/- 0.127mm over 2.5 mtrs. and +/- 0.08mm over 300mm.

Multiple part design and quantities can be nested to optimise material usage.

Our five axis water jet is equipped with an articulated jet, which can cut at angles ranging from 0° to 60°. As well as cutting virtually any profile with no limitations in geometric flexibility, it can easily create countersinks, weld ready edges and unique 3D parts. Due to the precision angular motion it is capable of a high level of positioning accuracy, resulting in parts that do not require secondary finishing.

We accept drawings directly in CAD formats but have the ability to translate other formats if more convenient.